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Technology Talk and Curriculum Walk:

ELOCKERS: e-storage space for staff and students.  Students and staff have access to SharpSchool’s eLockers which provide students and teachers with their very own online personal space to help store important school files, such as handouts, assignments, essays, projects and pictures. To access, log in on the district website. The student elocker username is their school ID number and their password is their birthdate using the following format xx-xx-xxxx.

Agents of Information will improve student typing speed and accuracy by teaching how to type more efficiently. We have a web-enabled version that allows students to practice from anywhere they have an internet connection. Visit our website under links to get information on the home connection and to access the Teacher Management Tool:


Renaissance Home Connect lets parents see the progress their children are making with reading & math practice. Tests and quizzes still have to be taken at school, but kids can also practice math facts and vocabulary skills at home! You can access the Home Connect link on the District website's homepage under the Links tab.