Homeroom - Carter-West Room 15
March 2018 Updates
Friday Folders:  Two students each week are responsible for distributing classroom mail.  It is the responsibility of the student receiving the mail to be sure that the notes or papers they are taking home actually belong to them.  Parents are to sign the weekly progress notes and return them at the beginning of the next week.  Students without signed notes have no recess.
Homework:  Assignments are due the very next day, unless otherwise specified.  It is expected that parents are checking the homework.

Reading logs:  Students must earn at least 10 AR points each quarter for an A.  We raise our standards each quarter for those who are earning an A+.  Therefore, students must have their reading calendar initialed by a parent each night. Calendars will be collected at the end of each month.  The goal for second quarter is 14 points with a 90% comprehension score.

Math: Many students continue to neglect practicing on Zearn to improve their overall classroom performance, and it shows in their grades. It requires about 30 minutes each night and has great long-term benefits, especially since it helps students learn how to attack word problems and explain their results in pictures, numbers, and words.  Please encourage your child to practice.

Reading: We are focusing much of our instructional time around PARCC preparation using our I-Ready workbooks. We have also implemented literature circles to read biographies of women in history.

Social Studies: We are working in Unit 7, focusing on Westward Expansion and its impact on the Midwestern Region of the US.  We will also explore The Great Migration and the industries which have caused the Midwest to thrive.

Science: We spent much of second quarter learning how to control robotic arms and how to use coding to animate digital characters.  Currently, we are learning about The Scientific Process and the importance of STEM.

If you happen to be in search of websites to use as additional practice, feel free to browse the "LINKS" on the District 150 "HOME" page.  For answers to any questions you may have , I can be reached at lwest@sd150.org