Homeroom - Carter-West Room 15
Congratulations to our 4th Graders for a job well done on finishing the PARCC testing!  Most of the students did a great job of staying focused during testing.  Our class had 100% attendance.  So, we have no tests to makeup.  Thank you, Parents!

What's ahead??
Science:  We will be exploring sound, using Chapter 14.  Students will learn the difference between pitch and loudness.  We hope to have demonstrations of ways of making sound from some of our Band students.  Eventually, we will learn how sound is perceived by the human ear.

Social Studies:  We have begun to explore the history of the Midwest and the resources of our region.  To this end, we will welcome a presentation from the Illinois Department of Agriculture to be given on Thursday, March 30.

Grammar: Continue to review the parts of speech and the types of sentences.  Students should also be able to form complete sentences with correct end marks.

Vocabulary:  We completed Unit 13 and are delaying the Unit 13 test Monday, March 27 due to having taken the PARCC tests this week.

Math: We are spending a huge amount of time knowing how to name equivalent fractions, compare fractions on a number line, add and subtract fractions, and convert improper fractions to mixed numbers.  Students who have met their goals in Zearn are already learning Geometry concepts and learning to identify line segments, lines, and rays.  They are learning to use a protractor to measure angles, and they are classifying angles.  Please motivate your child to do more than just written homework each night but to get this valuable exposure to Math enrichment activities. 

Find the latest Math tools, skills, practice, and math chats to help you child master the fourth grade concepts using the following link.


Help your child practice those reading skills with this cool new link to our Coach book.

For the budding Scientist, try http://www.sciencekids.co.nz/engineering.html/

Your feedback about the sites is very useful.  Feel free to contact me at lwest@sd150.org